Pneumatic actuator

Optimizing Pneumatic Actuator Spring Design

Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability of Pneumatic Actuator In modern industry, the reliability of valve actuators is crucial. High-quality springs, as the core components of actuators, directly impact the stability and efficiency of equipment operation. This article will introduce the springs produced by our company and their vital role in valve actuators. Spring Design Principles  Explanation of the …

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Classification of “Pneumatic Actuator ”

Spring Application in Pneumatic Actuator Mechanism Classification: Pneumatic actuator mechanisms can be classified based on structural forms and pneumatic state requirements. Classification by Structural Forms:Diaphragm Type/  Piston Type/  Scotch Yoke / Gear -Rack Type Diaphragm Type , also known as membrane-type, using for valve regulation. They require lower air supply pressure and exhibit good control performance. (Linear …

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