Traditional Chinese festival  “Lóng Tái Tóu”

“Lóng Tái Tóu”  on the second day of the second lunar month

The second day of the second lunar month, also known as “Lóng Tái Tóu” or “Dragon Raises its Head”, is one of the traditional Chinese festivals and the first significant festival after the Spring Festival. On this day, people believe that the dragon raises its head, symbolizing the arrival of spring, the revival of all things, and the vibrant energy of life.

In the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, the second day of the second month marks the auspicious occasion known as “Lóng Tái Tóu”  or “Dragon Raises its Head”. According to Chinese folklore, this day signifies the awakening of the dragon and the beginning of spring. There is a saying: “青龙换甲刚抬头,龙行华夏泽九州”. Which translates to “When the green dragon changes its scales and raises its head, the dragon’s journey will bring blessings to the land of China and the nine provinces.” This proverb symbolizes the auspiciousness and prosperity associated with the arrival of springtime and the revitalization of nature.


On this special day, we will host a variety of colorful celebration activities. Including traditional dragon dance performances, cultural arts shows, food sharing, and more. Allowing everyone to experience the joy and happiness of the festival together.

As a company dedicated to traditional culture in the production and sales of springs. We deeply understand the significance and importance of  “Lóng Tái Tóu.”  On this day, we will celebrate this auspicious moment with a festive atmosphere. Let us all enjoy this wonderful festival together and feel the essence of spring.

It’s fascinating and wonderful that in English, both “spring” and “spring” share the same word. Reflecting the magical beauty of language!

On this special occasion,We wish all family and friends happiness and good health!Wish our motherland prosperity and auspiciousness!


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