China admittance scheme for valves  

Attention: Starting from June 1, 2024, imported valves from overseas must obtain a Chinese Special Equipment Production License  

Starting from June 1, 2024, the supervision of special equipment will be strengthened. When importing products that did not previously require a Special Equipment Type Test Certificate, relevant licenses will also be required.

special equipment

The special equipment referred to in the Special Equipment Safety Law refers to boilers, pressure vessels .(Including gas cylinders, the same below). Pressure pipelines, elevators, lifting machinery, passenger rope ways, large amusement facilities. And specialized motor vehicles in the field (factory) that pose significant risks to personal and property safety. As well as other special equipment that is subject to this law as stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.
Due to the significant risk to personal and property safety. Special equipment imported into China needs to obtain permits in accordance with the requirements of the Special Equipment Safety Law. And truthfully declare and verify regulatory documents to the customs in accordance with the requirements of the Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law and its implementation regulations.

Case replay

A certain enterprise needs to import a batch of safety valves and one-way valves for pressure pipelines. After consulting the Announcement of the General Administration of Quality Supervision. The Inspection and Quarantine on Relevant Matters Concerning the Manufacturing License of Pressure Special Equipment (No. 151 of 2012). The enterprise found that the safety valves belong to the category of “boilers, pressure vessels, gas cylinders and their safety accessories, and safety protection devices”. The manufacturing unit should obtain a special equipment manufacturing license, as the enterprise does not have a manufacturing license. Therefore, importing is not possible. Hence, if the company believes that one-way valves are not encompassed in this category of goods, can they still be imported?
Announcement of the State Administration for Market Regulation on Administrative Licensing of Special Equipment (No. 3 of 2019).Any pressure pipeline pipe or valve meeting specific technical parameters is a product in the manufacturing of pressure pipeline components, subject to the management of the manufacturing unit’s licensing system, regardless of being a safety valve.

So, which technical parameters do valves that meet the requirements need to declare the “430 Foreign Special Equipment Manufacturing License” to the customs when importing?

For the mentioned cases, valves meeting the specified technical indicators must declare a “430 Foreign Special Equipment Manufacturing License” to customs upon importation. Valves not listed in the given technical parameters require no declaration.

On November 30, 2021, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued Announcement No. 41 of 2021 on Administrative Licensing of Special Equipment, which adjusted the regulatory requirements for manufacturing products of pressure pipeline components. The table below displays adjustments related to pressure pipeline valves.

Overall sharing:Enterprises need to pay special attention, plan early, accurately provide regulatory documents during imports, and make sufficient preparations for online verification.

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