Flat Stamping-Precision Stamping-Flange product

The Flat Stamping-Precision Stamping-Flange product is a precision-manufactured component typically used for connecting pipes, bearings, or other mechanical devices. This product is manufactured using flat stamping techniques, ensuring highly consistent dimensions and excellent quality. The flange portion is created through precision stamping processes, providing outstanding sealing performance and durability. This product finds widespread application in engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries, meeting high engineering requirements and ensuring system reliability and safety.

We primarily provide support services to automotive parts manufacturers, specializing in the production of various stamped components for them. Our main products include planetary gear carriers, clutch hubs, gearbox cylinders, and various stamped components for starters. We also manufacture various sheet metal stretching components for EGR systems, as well as various models of stretching iron sleeves for spring actuators and various complex stretching stamped parts.

We have multiple punching machines and various types of complex stretching stamping machines.



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