YUU SPRING Actuator Spring Regulating Valve Spring

Pneumatic Actuator Spring components are used in pneumatic actuators, typically employed to facilitate the opening and closing of valves, valve blocks, or other control devices.

YUU SPRING provide dedicated service to over 150 top-rated actuator and valve manufacturers worldwide, with more than 25 years of expertise in pneumatic actuator spring design and manufacturing, producing 6 million cylinder springs annually.

We meticulously select high-grade imported steel wire with a lifespan of a million cycles, offering high strength and precision to assist actuators in achieving full 95° positions, effectively addressing valve sealing and closure issues. We have received unanimous praise from our customers.
The perfect pre-tensioning process ensures silent operation of the springs, resulting in smooth actuator performance.
We serve as an ideal replacement for imported springs, saving up to double the procurement costs.
Our springs exhibit high precision and consistent performance.
Our commitment to excellence extends from raw materials, structural design, production equipment, to our dedicated team’s pre-sales and after-sales service.

*Crafted from premium materials, these springs exhibit exceptional durability and performance, ensuring stable operation even in harsh environments. They are employed to regulate valves, actuators, and other automation devices, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in processes.

*We offer a wide range of specifications and material options to meet diverse application needs. Whether used in industrial manufacturing, chemical engineering, oil and gas, power generation, or other industries, our pneumatic actuator springs deliver outstanding control performance. Furthermore, our products conform to international standards, ensuring dependable quality and customization to specific customer requirements.



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