TOWER SPRING transmission trans top cover spring

Tower spring is a type of shock-absorbing spring characterized by small volume, large load, and variable stiffness. Using in small space, large load situations, and shock-absorbing devices. Below the classification and characteristics of tower springs:

Classification of tower springs: equal helix angle, equal pitch, and equal stress.

The characteristics of tower springs:

1. A tower spring is a type of shock-absorbing spring, small volume, high load, and variable stiffness. Using in situations with small space and high load, as well as in shock-absorbing devices.(Transmission trans top cover spring)

2. Within the same installation space, tower shaped springs of the same volume can withstand greater pressure and store more energy than ordinary compression springs, and can withstand greater pressure under the same deformation.

3. For some installation positions with small installation space and high elasticity, using compression springs to increase the wire diameter can cause a series of problems such as cost and diameter increase. Reducing the number of turns may cause permanent deformation of the spring under strong pressure, resulting in a sharp decrease in its service life. At this point, pagoda shaped springs can be used instead of compression springs.



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