azbil’s supervision and audit of the spring production process

From November 16th to 17th, 2023, azbil conducted a process supervision and audit of our company. Among them, Ohta and Takahashi were from the Japanese headquarters, and  Furuya and Su were from the azbil Dalian factory. The entire audit process was complete and satisfactory. Thank you to the customer for your carefulness, On the road of future cooperation, our company will go all out and strive for excellence.

Conference content

1. Customer developers understand YUUSPRING’s production technology and production process.

2. Communicate on the problems discovered during this trial production and how to improve them in the future.

3. We took this opportunity to communicate with the developers about the difficulties and questions our company encountered during the actual trial production.

Production technology and production process

Spring coiling

Shot peening (shot blasting)

Spring Testing Experiment


Thanks to all the customers who help and trust our company, this is the source of strength and strong pillar for us to keep moving forward; our company will continue to do every detail well, and will use 100% effort to pay and strive!

Introduction to azbil

Full name: Azbil Corporation
Founded: December 1906
Established: August 22, 1949
Capital: 10,522 million yen
Exchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange Main Market
Final accounting year: April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023
Number of employees: 5,238/10,063 (combined)

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