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Harnessing the Power of Lean 6S and Business Management to Forge an Exceptional Management Team

Over the past weekend, five colleagues from the Production Department, Technical Department, and Quality Department sacrificed their weekend rest time to attend a two-day, one-night “Lean 6S Management Implementation Training Camp” at Furey Consulting in Suzhou. Through theoretical and practical training at the camp, they systematically mastered 6S knowledge. We look forward to seeing the systematic implementation effect upon their return to the company.

Here are some highlights from the training:

Advantages of Implementing 6S Management:

(1)Enhances corporate image: A tidy and clean work environment attracts customers and boosts confidence.
(2)Reduces waste: Cluttered spaces lead to wastage of other resources, resulting in spatial inefficiency.
(3)Increases efficiency: A pleasant working environment improves morale, and orderly arrangements enhance work efficiency, reducing handling tasks.
(4)Ensures quality: Cultivating a habit of meticulous work among employees significantly reduces rework rates, thus enhancing product quality.
(5)Ensures safety: Clear pathways and responsible employee habits decrease the occurrence of both production and non-production accidents.
(6)Prolongs equipment lifespan: Timely cleaning, inspection, maintenance, and upkeep of equipment can extend its lifespan. (7) Lowers costs: Implementing the 6S approach reduces unnecessary movements and handling, thereby lowering costs.
(8) Improves delivery accuracy: Standardizing production systems makes the production process transparent, making anomalies conspicuous and allowing for timely adjustments to meet delivery deadlines.

Meanwhile, the company’s general manager attended a training program at the Business Management Research Institute in Shanghai, where he acquired new ideas and sensed emerging trends. We aim to break through obstacles and seek growth amid adversity.

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