A Report on the 2024 Yujin Team Building Event

Strength in Numbers, Double the Joy

During this splendid season of blooming flowers and vibrant springtime, we organized a team-building event on May 16th. This event aimed to enhance the cohesion and execution of the corporate team while allowing everyone to relax and fully enjoy the beautiful spring scenery and the joy of physical activities amidst their busy work schedules.

At 10:00 AM, the entire company gathered at Shangtian Village for a group photo.

Leisure and Camaraderie Post-Meals: Half in daily life, half in leisure, Setting aside work’s complexities to indulge in a long-awaited celebration. Indeed, the harmony between good food and nature is truly remarkable.

The destination for this team-building event was Shangtian Village Farm. This venue was chosen to help everyone unwind,strengthen team awareness, foster a sense of collective honor and belonging, and encourage everyone to showcase new achievements. This activity further aimed to integrate the team, cultivate team awareness and spirit among employees, and create a harmonious and amicable group atmosphere, thereby enhancing team cohesion. This team-building event provided a platform and opportunity for everyone to release work pressure and enhance emotional connections among employees,leading everyone to engage with greater enthusiasm and vitality.

During the team-building activities, all employees left the office to experience the allure of nature, stretch their muscles,soothe their minds, and prepare for the goals of the second half of the year. United in purpose, striving together, we move forward with determination towards the future!

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